Christians don’t always believe the same things, and this can often lead to division. This show is a place where we host open discussion on what some may consider to be “controversial,” but that ultimately should not divide us in our faith.

What is faith? Is it a decision? A gift? A heritage? Why does faith seem to come so easy to some, while for others it’s a constant struggle? Unfaithful is a podcast full of stories of doubt and deconstruction where we hope to learn what faith is from those who have had it and lost it.

What We Believe is a podcast for the Church. We seek to dive deep into the history and theology of different confessions of the church to build one another up in the faith.

A podcast hosted by Alex Wickell, built to help you grow as a leader. Each episode is distilled to be 15 minutes or less, providing you with a potent shot of leadership development with practical steps to implement in your context.